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The doe is a symbol for the feminine in my work, and here she is shrouded with a veil, an allusion to covering women’s faces to hide her beauty so as not to tempt men. Inside her is turmoil, as her powerful self seen as the tiger (rage or anger or the ability to stand up for oneself) attempts to capture the meeker self (the rabbit).  This piece is meant to affirm and recognize the emotions women feel, even though we are often pressed to present a pleasant attitude at all times.


14″h x 11″w,  edition of 25 on Rives BFK, unframed.

Print Edition: Beauty and Rage

SKU: Print Edition Beauty and Rage

This piece is a "relief engraving.” It is in the block print or relief family of printmaking, which refers to two surfaces, one lower than the other, so that the highest surface prints. I hand carve each image with small but tough tools called burins, or gravers. The remaining surface is rolled with ink and pressed through the printing press. Each print taken from the plate is part of an edition, and numbered. My limited editions are always under 100 since they are inked and cranked by hand on my printing press.  Printed on 100% Cotton Rag Paper.