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Grouped by series or exhibition, you can see the evolution of myself as an artist and my techniques. The majority of works on this page have sold, please see the SHOP page for available pieces. I can recreate certain artworks using the same relief engraving blocks, but with varied mixed media techniques to create a similar, yet unique artwork. Please CONTACT me with questions about commissions!

falling apart series

Birds fly above and below a scene of tropical chaos. The lushness and vibrancy of the flowers alludes to traditional European still life paintings. 

In these paintings, the fruits and flowers were often seen as a symbol of life’s lushness, though tempered with wilting flowers, rotting fruit or dead animals, as well as a watch or time keeping element to remind one of the fragile nature of life, a “momento mori.”

The worlds in these pieces feel fractured, as if they are breaking up in front of the viewer. A reference to skewed reality, and falsehoods of the present day, it is an attempt to reconcile my feelings about the cultural movement around promoting falsehood as fact and the damage it creates to our culture and democracy. 

These pieces were first exhibited in 2022 at The Red Brick Center for the Arts in Aspen, CO as part of the group show Round and Around, focusing on pattern, both formal and contextual.


Falling Apart: In Red and Orange, Relief Engraving, Collage, Mixed Media. 

30″h x 40″w


Falling Apart: In Turquoise and Gold, Relief Engraving, Collage, Mixed Media. 

30″h x 40″w


trail song

Trail Song was and exhibition at the A.R. Mitchell Museum in Trinidad Colorado, curated by neü folk / Max Kauffman. Featuring themes of the West, on and off the trail and the places it leads, this exhibit showcased works from Colorado and New Mexico based artists Johnny DeFeo, Anthony Garcia Sr., Alexander Richard Wilson, Mike Strescino and Jaime Molina. This is sampling of my work included in the exhibit.

“Blue sky like a blanket

shaking out the dust

I’m looking for some green against the rust


– San Luis Valley Song, Annie Hills

floating worlds exhibition

Utilizing printmaking techniques and mixed media, this series of artworks is a response to feelings of uncertainty, change, and distress seen in the world circa 2020. Inspired by Japanese Ukiyo-e prints, (Ukiyo-e translates to “The Floating World”) surreal landscapes and semi-abstract depictions of floating worlds and their inhabitants accompany intimate snapshots of loss, grief, rebellion, hope, and perseverance.  In a time when the status quo has so rapidly transformed, these images attempt to reconcile change with growth and momentum forward. 

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