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When I was a girl I loved horses and ponies.  As a domestic and wild animal they have an interesting history with humans and their abilities have allowed humans to flourish, especially as we rode them into war.   However, looking at a heard of equines in a field, you might only think how benevolent they look eating grass or enjoying a sunbeam.  This pony is a nod to our ancestors who fell in love with the horse, but also worked with them to support human advantages. This particular pony is emblazoned with the hand, a symbol for those lost, and also the eye, a symbol for witness.


Edition of 100, Printed on Rives BFK, paper size 10″h x 8″w, images is approx 4.5″x 4.5″.

Print Edition: Ancestor Pony

SKU: Print Edition Ancestor Pony

This piece is a "relief engraving.” It is in the block print or relief family of printmaking, which refers to two surfaces, one lower than the other, so that the highest surface prints. I hand carve each image with small but tough tools called burins, or gravers. The remaining surface is rolled with ink and pressed through the printing press. Each print taken from the plate is part of an edition, and numbered. My limited editions are always under 100 since they are inked and cranked by hand on my printing press.  Printed on 100% Cotton Rag Paper.