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Printmaking Workshop: Frogman's Print Workshops

Updated: Feb 18

Frogman's Printmaking Workshops, hosted by the University of Iowa

Session 2: July 8-13

Love relief but can’t get enough detail? This week long workshop introduces High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS), a plastic material that takes the place of end-grain wood in the relief engraving process and offers endless possibilities in the studio.

Engraving basics, including tool sharpening, carving methods, image planning, use of line, pattern, value, and composition within the image will be covered.  Participants will explore what HIPS can offer, including shaped plates, carving on both sides, utilization of stencil techniques and more!  Registration and printing best practices will be presented, with experimentation and play encouraged. A course exchange portfolio will also be encouraged but not mandatory, as the editioning of HIPS engravings is incredibly fast and fun!

Students can get college credit for taking this workshop!

a plate of carved HIPS plastic being inked with a brayer and black ink

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