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Browse the history of my artwork, and see the evolution of my life as an artist. 

Works are noted as SOLD or AVAILABLE.   A similar commission can be created for select collage works denoted SOLD.  All prices are unframed price, unless otherwise stated.  Please inquire on the CONTACT page if you are interested in an artwork. Select AVAILABLE artworks can be found on the SHOP page for purchase. 

Floating Worlds Series:

Utilizing printmaking techniques and mixed media, this series of artworks is a response to feelings of uncertainty, change, and distress seen in the world circa 2020. Inspired by Japanese Ukiyo-e prints, (Ukiyo-e translates to "The Floating World") surreal landscapes and semi-abstract depictions of floating worlds and their inhabitants accompany intimate snapshots of loss, grief, rebellion, hope, and perseverance.  In a time when the status quo has so rapidly transformed, these images attempt to reconcile change with growth and momentum forward. 

Monoprints and Hand Colored Prints:

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Wyoming Hills Series:

Hawaiian Bird Series:

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