SYMPOIESIS: "interfacing between different viewpoints (and in fact disciplines of science) to establish a principle of collaboration (synergy) by which the expertise of either standpoint can be combined, and enhanced, to bring out new understanding." - Wikipedia


It's a beautiful word, and refers to collective creation and sharing of process, in this case the printmaking process. This show was juried by Amze Emmons, printmaking professor at Tyler School of Art and Architecture, Temple University and curated by Andrew Meyer, Gallery Director of the Clara Hatton Gallery at Colorado State University. 


My piece for this exhibition is really different but definitely relies on the theme of Sympoisis.  The title is The Ark, and just like the biblical ark, the work is two by two, (2"x2", that is). Consisting of 2"x2" squares of separate images, it combines to make one composition, 36"h x 24"w. The hitch is, that just like the ark, the pieces will be distributed in the world, taken by gallery visitors over the course of the exhibition. It is a major departure for me and my working style, but a nod to the role of the gallery and viewers.