Honesty and Art Begins

Demo at the Denver Art Museum, April 2019
Demo at the Denver Art Museum, April 2019

Honesty and Art


These are all thoughts that I wish I had heard when I was young, struggling, and did not know my path. Though I was extremely lucky to be born in the United States to two middle class teachers, raised in an environment of acceptance and support, I did struggle, I did feel lost, and I do feel like my experience is in some way valuable and that by committing these words to print, may help someone else.  Thank you to all those who have encouraged me to do so. 


So why write a blog?

It seems there are so many blogs (and books) about art and how to “make it as an artist” but they seem to focus on one or two aspects of becoming an artist. It might be fine to write about how to approach a gallery, or how to sell your work online, but really there are so many puzzle pieces you need to have in place to thrive as an artist.  


While I am by no means the best, or most successful at any of this, I get asked quite a bit about life as an artist. And while I am still putting the puzzle pieces together myself, I hope that I have a few ideas that might resonate with you.  As you will see, many of the topics in these posts have little to do with art on the surface. However when they are applied to life as an artist, they become very relevant, though no one in art school taught me these things - and I wish they had.