Honesty and Art Begins

Demo at the Denver Art Museum, April 2019
Demo at the Denver Art Museum, April 2019

Honesty and Art


I recently had the opportunity to demonstrate relief engraving at the Denver Art Musuem. It was a bit of a dream come true, as I grew up going to the museum, hoping one day I would be the artist on the walls instead of the visitor.  

And that totally did NOT happen, (still not in the permanent collection by any means) but it was still a great experience, as I demonstrated my process to the public! As I hone my work and my practice, striving to challenge myself to do better to achieve my goals, I know that my standards are high, but there is still room to achieve them.  

But success in the air, as a fellow Metropolitan State University grad, Jaime Molina (we had printmaking together), recently was featured as an installation artist in the second floor atrium at the Denver Art Museum. His show Past the Tangled Present made me smile as I was enveloped into the artist's world.  Successes of fellow artists that I have matured with and been mentored by, (like my great friend and on-fire Denverite artist Jennifer Ghormley), fill my heart with hope for all artists on this Earth, as we need to celebrate each other's successes, and realize that all artists can feel needed and prosperous!  It's a wonderful feeling when competition can be left at the door, and unbridled creativity and respect for our unique creative flavors can be seen.