Johanna Mueller

Engraving & Printmaking

Jackalope's Starry Night

Artist Statement

Enhanced by printmaking’s history of narrative, my work explores the shared histories of humans, as told by animals. These compositions are full of animals within animals, a reference to animal cognition and spirits within animal bodies. Personal narrative is woven with mythical symbols and stories which make these pieces both familiar and challenging. Animals have no race, religion, or creed, can be as easily feminine as masculine or somewhere in between. Therefore, they can tell universal stories which weave anthropology, art history, and spirituality – our shared humanness – better than their human counterparts. In our ever changing and sometimes frightful present day, we need to be reminded of the universality of all things, including the human race.


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Visit my studio:

My studio is located within Wonderhand Studios, a communal printshop in Greeley, CO.